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Magill Catherter Introducting
KA-190-17 17 cm
KA-190-20 20 cm
KA-190-25 25 cm
Scalpel Handle
KB-103-00 #3
KB-104-00 #4
Scalpel Handle
KB-107-00 #7
KB-108-00 #8
OP.Scissors B/B STR.
KC-102-13 13 cm
KC-102-14 14 cm
KC-102-16 16 cm
OP.Scissors B/B CVD.
KC-103-13 13 cm
KC-103-14 14.5 cm
KC-103-16 16.5 cm
OP.Scissors S/B STR.
KC-110-13 13 cm
KC-110-14 14.5 cm
KC-110-16 16.5 cm
OP.Scissors S/B CVD.
KC-111-13 13 cm
KC-111-14 14.5 cm
OP.Scissors S/S STR.
KC-120-13 13 cm
KC-120-14 14.5 cm
OP.Scissors S/S CVD.
KC-121-13 13 cm
Schuhmacher Scissor
KC-553-16 16 cm
Mayo Scissors
KC-160-14 STR. 14.5cm
KC-161-14 CVD. 14.5cm
KC-160-17 STR. 17cm
KC-161-17 CVD. 17cm
Metzenbaum Scissors
KC-280-15 15 cm
KC-280-15 18 cm
Metzenbaum Scissors
KC-281-15 CVD.B/B 15cm
KC-281-18 CVD.B/B 18cm
Spencer Stitch Scissors
KC-802-09 9 cm
KC-802-11 11 cm
Iris Scissors
KC-340-11 STR. 11cm
KC-341-11 CVD. 11cm
KC-340-09 STR. 9cm
KC-341-09 CVD. 9cm
Micro Surgery Scissors
KD-202-18 STR. 18cm
KD-203-18 CVD. 18cm
Thumb Forceps
KE-102-13 13 cm
KE-102-14 14.5 cm
KE-102-16 16 cm
KE-102-18 18 cm
KE-102-20 20 cm
KE-102-25 25 cm
Adson Brown Forceps
KE-188-12 12 cm
Tissue Forceps ½ Teeth
KE-120-11 11.5 cm
KE-120-13 13 cm
KE-120-14 14.5 cm
KE-120-16 16 cm
KE-120-18 18 cm
KE-120-20 20 cm
KE-120-25 25 cm
Potts-Smith Forceps
KE-112-18 18 cm
KE-112-21 21 cm
Potts, Smith Forceps ½ Teeth
KE-126-21 21 cm
Adson Non-Tooth Forceps
KE-170-12 12 cm
Adson Non-Tooth Forceps
KE-180-12 12 cm
Senket Tissue Forceps
KE-270-12 12.5 cm
KE-270-15 15.5 cm
Hartmann Haemostatic Forceps
LB-210-10 STR. 10cm
LB-211-10 CVD. 10cm
Halstead Mosquito Forceps
LB-220-12 STR. 12.5cm
LB-221-12 CVD. 12.5cm
Halstead Mosquito Forceps w/Teeth
LB-230-122 STR. 12.5cm
LB-231-12 CUR. 12.5cm
Kelly Haemostatic Forcep
LB-240-14 STR. 14cm
LB-241-14 CVD. 14cm
Crile Haemostatic Forceps
LB-250-14 STR. 14cm
LB-251-14 CUR. 14cm
Rochester-Pean Haemostatic Forceps
LB-310-16 STR. 16cm
LB-311-16 CVD. 16cm
LB-310-18 STR. 18cm
LB-311-18 CVD. 18cm
LB-310-20 STR. 20cm
LB-311-20 CVD. 20cm
Rochester-Ochsner Haemostatic Forceps
LB-320-18 STR. 18cm
LB-321-18 CVD. 18cm
Kocher Artery Forceps
LB-322-14 STR. 14cm
LB-323-14 CVD. 14cm
Heiss Artery Forceps
LB-390-20 STR. 20cm
Backhaus Towel Clamps
LC-111-09 9 cm
LC-111-11 11 cm
LC-111-13 13 cm
Roeder Tower Clamps
LC-117-13 13 cm
Rampley Sponge Forceps
LD-180-25 STR. 25cm
Foerster Sponge Forceps
LD-170-25 STR. 25cm
LD-171-25 CVD. 25cm
Army Pattern Retractor
LE-131-21 Set of two 21 cm
Senn Mueller Retractor
LE-160-17 Sharp 17cm
LE-161-17 Blunt 17cm
Halsey Needle Holders
MB-130-135 Smooth 13cm
MB-140-13 13 cm
Crilewood Needle Holder
MB-160-15 15 cm
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
MB-180-16 16 cm
MB-180-18 18 cm
MB-180-20 20 cm
Lister Bandage Scissors
KC-901-14 14 cm
KC-901-18 18 cm
Vienna Nasal Specula
OD-112-02 Child
OD-112-03 Adult
Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth
QB-110-15 15 cm
Babcock Tissue Forceps
QB-160-16 16 cm
QB-160-18 18 cm
QB-160-20 20 cm
Graves Vaginal Specula
QE-110-01 75x20mm, S
QE-110-02 95x35mm, M
QE-110-03 115x35mm, L
Pederson Vaginal Specula
QE-120-01 75x13mm, S
QE-120-02 100x22mm, M
QE-120-03 120x25mm, L
Sims Uterine Sound
QE-580-32 32 cm
Schroeder Vulsellum Forceps
QE-514-24 STR. 24cm
Simpson Obsterical Forceps
RA-102-30 30 cm
Simpson-Braun Obsterical Forceps
RA-105-33 33 cm
Jackson Tube
PC-240-04 4 mm
PC-240-05 5 cm
PC-240-06 6 cm
PC-240-07 7 cm
PC-240-08 8 cm
PC-240-09 9 cm
PC-240-10 10 cm
PC-240-11 11 cm
PC-240-12 12 cm
PC-240-13 13 cm
Kevorkian Pacific with Lock
Tischer Kevorkian with Lock
Hartmann Ear Forcepss
OC-265-08 8.5 cm